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For Actors & Directors

Acting for Performance Capture. Masterclass.

Are you an experienced actor looking to further develop their skills? We believe actors should be seen as commercial enterprises, not just as artists. They should have all the tools they need to succeed. We know you can act, we know you have talent, we want to help you expand your knowledge in order to succeed in a very technically demanding part of the industry. We find it hard to connect with the titles of "performance capture artist" or "motion capture specialist", you are, an actor. An actor requires certain experience to really flourish, whether that be understanding stage blocking for theatre, or camera positions and lenses for screen. It is no different for performance capture, it is acting, but there are also technical skills to know and arm yourself with to really feel comfortable in the volume so that you can focus on giving the best performance possible. 

Our masterclass will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in this fast-growing field. We don't do warm-ups. We don't play games. Like a job, you come ready to work. You'll learn how to effectively translate your physical and emotional performance into a digital medium, and gain an insight into the unique practices, challenges and practical demands of a professional motion capture shoot.



1-day Workshop Masterclass

With Josh & and Jessica in a creative studio space, full day, 10-4:30 pm, with a lunch break, maximum of 16 participants

5-day Workshop Masterclass

With Josh & and Jessica in a creative studio space + motion capture studio space, full days, with a lunch break, maximum of 24 participants

Prices upon request

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