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For Game Developers & Animators

Our masterclass for game developers, animators and VO studios offers a unique insight into the principles, methodologies, choices and thoughts of how an actor, narrative director and casting director approach working for animation. Driving all animation is storytelling, and the thoughts, moments and nuances an actor brings are integral to creating truth and bringing everything together. We work with teams to frame their understanding of performances and character; putting emotions and intentions first, allowing the mechanics of a character and story to be driven organically. 


By placing your team into the "shoes" of an actor and director we hope for them to gain a deeper understanding of how an actor approaches the work, how a director gets the best out of people, and what an in-depth casting process looks like. We then break down the different ways in which an actor works to create a character, how to approach text, scene blocking and working in the performance capture volume. We arm the team with the vocabulary required to work seamlessly with actors and how to translate technical requirements into performances. This is as much a workshop as a team building exercise, we want your team to come together through play, thoughts and intentions to connect with each other in gaining a better understanding of how to translate an actor's performances and thought process into creating richer characters and their stories.

Our masterclass for game developers has been designed to get everyone on the same page when it comes to storytelling and performance for animation and video games. You can have all the best technology in the world, but if the storytelling is off, then it’s all for nothing.

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1-day Masterclass

With Josh & and Jessica on-site in person, 9:30-4:30 pm, with a lunch break,

no maximum participants.

Remote Masterclass 

With either Josh or Jessica via remote viewing, 2-hour session, no maximum participants

Prices upon request

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